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In just 60 Minutes You'll Discover How To...

In Just 60 Minutes, you’ll discover how to drive qualified buyer and seller leads from your social media platforms, email, and video to your website.

This event is for you if you're ready to build your personal MLS with Point2 handshakes and maximize your real estate listings among your leads.

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Point2YOUniversity Beginner

Topics covered include:

  • ​Point2 Basics

  • Building your personal MLS using handshakes

  • Maximizing your listing information and exposures

  • How to read and use information from Point2 reports


Our Point2YOUniversity Beginner sessions are perfect for agents ready to ramp up to a Point2 site. Get to know the basics behind Point2 site functionalities and learn how this powerful platform can permanently increase your lead generation and conversions!

Point2YOUniversity Advanced

Topics covered include:

  • strategies to generate even more seller and buyer leads from your site

  • automating your lead nurturing process

  • understanding Google Analytics to make data-driven decisions

  • understanding Point2 prospect data, and 

  • adding advanced content like videos to your listings!

Take things up a notch and start making data-driven decisions using Point2 prospect data and Google Analytics. Understand the data you’re looking at and gain greater insight into the behavior of your leads on your site!

Point2YOUniversity DIY - Hands-On

Topics covered include:

  • The top 6 best and often unused mobile responsive P2 templates 

  • Choosing a great URL and connecting it to your Point2 site

  • How to add a clickable phone or WhatsApp number to your site

  • Creating larger, more impressive photos

  • Strategies to advertise on Point2Homes

Take full control of your Point2 site’s capabilities with our ultimate DIY sessions. Bring your laptop along and learn how to make powerful changes and improvements to your site as you learn the final steps to become a Point2 wizard!


Piloto 151 Coworking at Milla de Oro
250 Av. Juan Ponce de León 3rd Floor,
San Juan, 00918, Puerto Rico

Session One: 10 -11am

Session Two: 11:15 -12:15am

Session Three 1pm - 3pm

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Mistress of Marketing


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